Meet the blogger

Well hello there! Thank you for visiting Lowering the Bar, a blog about our journey to live well and stress less. My name is Shantille and I am a twenty-something doing my best to live a balanced life focused on eating nutritious foods, sweating frequently and smiling more. I love all things related to food, exercise and have an interesting infatuation with self-help literature. I enjoy aimlessly roaming grocery store aisles, that feeling when you first get into bed, sweating, long days spent outdoors, organizing and goal setting, binge reading books, and going on adventures with my fun-loving husband, Kevin.

Meet the blog

If you are looking for a blog that gives you recipes’ calorie counts, has workout names like “fat blasting cardio circuit”, refers to foods as “bad” or “good” and lies about how perfectly healthy I am, you should probably keep searching. This blog is about real life. I’m a real person trying to live a balanced life, treat my body with love and surround myself with people that support those same ideals.

Through this blog, I hope you and I can start to lower the bar together. Let’s stop stressing about every ounce of every food we put in our bodies. Eat the dang slice of cake and enjoy it. While you’re at it, try to eat some veggies today too. It’s that simple. Balance people. Let’s also lower the bar when we’re exercising. I find lifting weights extremely fun and enjoy loading the bar with as much weight as I can safely lift. Does that sound terrible to you? Then don’t do it and please don’t feel guilty about it. Do what you enjoy doing. Most importantly, let’s stop comparing ourselves to each other and constantly stressing that we aren’t good enough, cause guess what? We are.

Contact Info: loweringthebarblog@gmail.com


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