The Weekly Grub & Takin’ It Easy on Yourself

I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for this Weekly Grub post, because I really didn’t have much meal planning inspiration this week. I still did it, because I know how much smoother it makes our weeks; but it was pretty half assed and the recipe gods weren’t giving me much inspiration. In the past, I probably would have forced myself to look through multiple recipes and convinced myself that I needed to make something complicated despite not wanting to do so. Without realizing it, this time I just said screw it and wrote down what came to my head first. By the time I got to Thursday on the meal time I was drawing a blank, so decided to leave it open as a wild card. Maybe my meal planning joy will come back to me by then and some scrumptious idea will pop in my head.

Delicious homemade pretzels AKA the highlight of our Saturday night

I guess what I am trying to say is be nice to yourself and honor those times that you just might not feel like going through the normal flow. Sometimes taking a break from an activity or task you normally do is just what you need to remind yourself that you really do enjoy it. Typically, I love looking through recipes and trying new foods. This week? Not so much. I can almost guarantee you though that next weekend I be excited about sifting through my saved recipes and will eagerly look forward to making them the following week.

Banana bread made with garbanzo bean flour. Surprisingly delicious!

It’s really easy to feel like we aren’t keeping up with the Jones’s when the internet is constantly telling us what we need to do to be happier, healthier and more productive. I am a total sucker for those “Secrets to _____” posts too. A secret?! What?, tell me! It’s easy to get wrapped up in it and always feel like you need to improve upon some aspect of your life. However, sometimes we just need to take a break and be present. Don’t get me wrong, I love goals and habit change. However, I think that sometimes we focus way too much on trying to reach this “ideal” person and we hold ourselves on a pedestal. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and relax.

Sunday supper- fresh, light and delicious

I love putting my spin on a homemade sauce or dressing, but sometimes that’s not realistic.  If you are someone that typically always makes everything from scratch and the thought of buying store bought salad dressing makes you cringe, don’t get down on yourself if things don’t always go perfectly. Life isn’t perfect and there will be obstacles, including having to buy bottled ranch. I’ve learned that our response to these obstacles and the way we frame our thoughts is what matters in the long run. Say nice things to yourself when things don’t go as planned. Don’t beat yourself up for it, just laugh it off and move forward. If you don’t feel motivated to go the extra mile that you normally do, then don’t. Take a break and reflect on all the awesome things you do. While we’re at it, let’s be honest with other people to. We don’t always have to try and seem like we’ve got it together. Be vulnerable and admit your struggles. Maybe if we were all more honest with each other, we would feel less pressure to always have it together. Just a thought 🙂

This week’s grub:

  • Sunday: Salmon + tomato, cucumber, avocado & basil salad
  • Monday: Grilled chicken, strawberry, avocado and goat cheese salad
  • Tuesday: Pork (from the freezer) & veggie (using frozen veggies) stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Wednesday: BLAT (bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado) sandwich + garlic fries (freezer)
  • Thursday: Wildcard!

Have a wonderful week!


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