Bouncing Back after a Boozy Weekend

Yes I know, I missed the usual Weekly Grub post. You see, we had a wonderful trip to San Diego, which means I was wiped out yesterday. We arrived around midnight on Thursday and decided to head out for a drink. I was already up two hours past my bedtime, so what harm could another hour do? We usually aren’t out that late at night, so I’d forgotten how loud music is at that hour… especially when you’re sober. I just sat there sipping on my beer wondering how all these people could function at work on Friday. I felt like I was at least 50 years old and not just because I was in my nicest grey sweats.

IMG_6071 (1).JPG

On Friday, our friends had an amazing wedding full of family, friends, food, delicious drinks and love. They asked me to be their day of wedding coordinator, so how could I resist the opportunity to make lists and organize? Granted I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I think it went off without a hitch! The officiant did come up to me before the ceremony and asked for the marriage license, at which point I looked at her like she spoke another language. I think  at that point she got the hint that I wasn’t actually a full time wedding coordinator and didn’t have it all together. One of my favorite parts about coordinating the wedding was being on my feet all day. After working in restaurants for years, I really miss that feeling and go crazy sitting at a desk all day.

My handsome lifetime wedding date.

Since I was thinking about the wedding so much, I didn’t really plan much for us to do all day on Saturday. Literally all day- we didn’t fly out till 9pm. Kevin was secretly very happy about this lack of planning on my part. We didn’t have a car and were in Pacific Beach, so we just decided to walk, eat and drink at all of our favorite places. Once again, Kevin was very happy. I felt slightly guilty for not planning activities, then quickly realized that we were doing what many Pacific Beach residents typically do every Saturday. Eventually I embraced it and had an amazing time visiting friends, eating delicious fish tacos and pizza, and visiting our favorite bars. At this point, you shouldn’t be wondering why we were dead on Sunday.

Yes, I took a screen shot of all the steps I got from wedding coordinating.

After a day of rest, moving and eating nutritious foods, I feel back to normal! In the past, a weekend of indulging in food, alcohol and not a ton of exercise really would have bummed me out. I probably would have felt guilty and overanalyzed my choices. It was stupid. What’s the point of beating yourself up over a couple days of breaking out of your normal routine? I know that the majority of the time, I make healthful choices. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, move my body frequently, get plenty of sleep and drink enough water. Therefore, a couple days of pretending like I’m 21 years old again with a super fast metabolism and superhero resistance to hangovers, isn’t gonna kill me in the long run. Yeah sure, I feel like crap for a day but it doesn’t take much to feel good again as long as I do the right things. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to live a little and not worry about everything. After many years of trial and error, I’ve learned a few tips that help me bounce back after an indulgent weekend.

  • Make yourself sweat. Move anyway you want, just try to sweat. Yes, working out when you feel like crap sounds like the worst thing in the world. The thought of even getting off the couch seems like the equivalent of climbing Half Dome. Resist the urge to click on another episode and move your body. I promise you’ll feel better.
  • Get some fresh air and Vitamin D, if possible. It’ll make you feel alive again.
  • Eat some fruits and veggies. For many years I thought the cure to a long night out was a big, greasy breakfast (hello Big Bear Diner!). Truth be told? It just makes me feel worse. Revitalize your body with some vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies and make another healthful choice after that.
  • Drink water- lots and lots of water. Screw the drought, chug that H2O.
  • Don’t tell yourself you won’t do that again. You likely will, so don’t set yourself up for failure. Just make a healthful decision, maybe eat a salad or two and move on. Life keeps going.

Since I know this is the best part of your week, here is the our meal plan 😉

Do you have tips for bouncing back after a boozy weekend? As long as you don’t say “to drink less”, I’d love for you to leave a comment below!


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