The Weekly Grub

Sunday is my favorite day of the week- especially when we don’t have any plans. I love waking up and knowing the whole day is ahead of me to do whatever sounds enjoyable. My ideal Sunday usually involves some moving, relaxing, exploring and preparing for the week ahead. Today was the perfect mixture of all those things. I went on a grocery shopping walking excursion that turned into a downtown adventure exploring the Greenbelt, finding a new Italian ice and custard shop and a brewery. I love just putting on a podcast or audio book and walking around town. My goal is for people to refer to me as the crazy lady that is always out walking. I have many more steps to take before that goal is achieved.

Taken during our Greenbelt adventure

I’m sure you’ve been dying to get my next meal planning tip. In all honesty, it’s really hard to not put all the tips in one post, but no one wants to read a novel about meal planning (I’d actually probably really enjoy that). When I first started meal planning, my type A personality really flourished but not in a good way. I planned the meals the week before, had everything and I mean everything prepped by Sunday and would laugh in your face if you thought I was going to venture from the plan. Last minute changes of plans were not happening, no matter how delicious the restaurant you invited me to sounded. I had to stick to the plan, gosh darn it. You can rest assured that I am much less psychotic about meal planning now. We all have our moments, don’t judge.

I quickly realized that I simply could not expect the week to always go according to plan. Life happens and I was going to make myself batty if I couldn’t be flexible. Therefore, I started including one flex meal a week that could easily be moved to the following week without having to worry about the food going bad. This way if something comes up or I just decide on Thursday that I really could care less about cooking dinner, I don’t have to feel like we are wasting food we already bought.

Along with having a flex meal, I’ve also realized how important it is to be flexible with the days of your meals. I took an intuitive eating class and was discussing meal planning with my professor. She suggested that I purchase all the ingredients I need for the week’s meals, but not assign a meal to a day. Instead, I should listen to my body and choose my meal based on how I am feeling. Although I told her I would try that, in my head I thought she was loony. What’s the point of having a plan if you aren’t sticking to the plan?! I have realized though that having a looser approach to it, makes meal planning much more enjoyable. Even though I still assign a meal to a day when I write our plans, we usually end up switching them around. If soup does not sound appetizing on Tuesday, then we don’t have to eat soup on Tuesday. The meal plan does not have the power, we do.

This week we will be enjoying the following meals:

  • Sunday: Stuffed peppers (I’m making a big batch, so I can have them for lunch throughout the week)
  • Monday: Grilled pork chops + asparagus, green bean, feta and mint salad
  • Tuesday: Homemade fish nuggets + parmesan roasted zucchini
  • Wednesday: Steak fajitas and refried beans (This was our flex meal from last week that didn’t get made, because we decided to have a picnic instead.)
  • Thursday: Brinner! Waffles, bacon and fruit salad (This is our flex meal for the week. If we make it, great I can restock our waffle supply in the freezer. If we don’t, we can move it to next week and no tears will be shed.)

If you meal plan, I would love to hear how you make it work with last minute plans. Do you have flex meals or is there another method that works for you?



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